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From time to time, I like to lay out a particular area of expertise or interest for me, in the hopes that it will interest others. Each of these posts serves as an introduction or explanation of a subject that members of the general public are likely to know little or nothing about.

Speculative Flag Design for a Post-Scotland UK
Learn about the principles of flag design as I invent a new flag for the UK, should Scotland ever choose independence.
Collaboration and Resistance: Half-Life 2 and the Xenogensis Trilogy
Videogames as art, the potential of and problems with videogame narratives, and a comparison of moral complexity with regard to collaboration and resistance to invasion in two pieces of science fiction.
1 and 2 Samuel: The Hebrew Bible's Best Novel 
This post is about my favorite book in the Bible, 1 and 2 Samuel (it's one book in two volumes; trust me). If you're unfamiliar with the Bible as literature, this is where the action really is, in my opinion.
Everyone Should Read Moby-Dick
Never read Moby-Dick? I think you should.
Salvation Army Congress 2013
This description of an annual Salvation Army event serves as an introduction to the slightly odd and surprising subculture (and church) that is the SA. More information can be found on an earlier post, The Salvation Army: A Frustrating, Wonderful Church.

Historical Linguistics
A description and demonstration of some of the principles in this academic discipline.

Catharism: An Interesting Medieval Heresy
Learn about the Cathars, a Medieval Christian sect that promoted gender equality and simple living, and yet somehow managed to inspire both a crusade and the creation of the Inquisition.

Linguistics: A Demonstration
A brief overview of linguistics as a subject and a demonstration of one of its sub-disciplines, phonology.

You May Not Know It, But the Puritans Were Rad
A defense of the Puritans as a culture.

How to Reddit
A how-to guide on Reddit, a popular link aggregation and commenting site.

Creative Madness: The U of C Scav Hunt
An article about the greatness that is the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt, the biggest and best event of its kind.

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