Friday, April 26, 2013


All right, time for two mildly important personal public announcements:

1. I am suspending my Bible-reading project for the month of May for the following reasons:

  • I am a little worn out and it's kept me from reading any other book books (i.e., not comic books) for four months now. 
  • I just hit the halfway point (Jeremiah) at about 1050 pages out of 2100. 
  • It stinks to have the project feel more like a burden than an adventure, and I think I can turn that around with a little break.
2. I'm changing the day of the week I post on my blog from Friday to Monday because:
  • That will let me use the weekend to polish things up (or push back the panic and last-minute decisions to Sunday night rather than lunchbreak on Friday). 
  • I'm betting it'll be less likely to get buried in the afternoon social media content rush on a Monday than a Friday.
Thanks to everybody in my life who is encouraging me on both these fronts. I appreciate you.

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