Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Podcast Episode 3: The Celestial Omnibus

The Celestial Omnibus, by E.M. Forster

In this story, a boy takes a bus to Heaven, which in this case is populated exclusively by characters from classic works of fiction. The reason I originally chose to read this story for my podcast: I read it in my favorite English class in high school, Honors Mythology. I had a wonderful teacher who I felt understood more about me, and certainly more about literature and words, than almost anyone I knew. She could just look at me and tell when I needed to say something, and always had the right word to say to get me to come out with it. This story is at least partly, if not in fact mostly, about the wonderfulness and transportative quality of a good story, which, as you may know, I believe in more than almost anything. This teacher taught me a great deal about such things, and I dedicate my reading of it to her.

This is the first podcast that I'm not really all that embarrassed about. I still think the music is really pretty good. Note also the fairly short and almost to-the-point introduction, well on my way to just dropping them all the way. I did a decent job with distinguishing voices. There are still some fairly bad line readings I was too lazy to go back and fix in editing, as well as some rumbly noises that should have been cut out or re-recorded. Other than that: good job, twenty-year-old me! Way to imbue this thing with that wistful, longing feeling (pretty close to the constant range of feelings you were having anyway 'cause of girls not liking you back and not knowing what to do with your life). Ah, to be young again.

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