Sunday, June 30, 2013

Podcast Episode 7: Fables

Fables, (re)told by various authors

This is a collection I put together to make up for the fact that each of the stories is quite short; in fact, the story I wanted to read the most, the first, is quite ludicrously short, and I certainly felt at the time that it needed some accompanying material to be justified as a podcast episode. (Off topic: check out how deep I am making my voice in the intro to this. I was super into honing my radio voice. It sounds a little goofy to me now, but it was really important to me at the time.)

The Appointment in Samarra, told by W. Somerset Maugham
The Camel and His Friends, from the Panchatantra, told by Arundhati Khanwalkar
The Snow Man, by Hans Christian Andersen
Godfather Death, from Grimm's Fairy Tales

I like how I felt compelled to clarify whose perspective the first fable is from. Seems a bit condescending now. Also, my attempts to project a super-deep James Earl Jones radio voice appear to be back, alas.

My intro to the second story makes it sound like it's going to be about The Cannibal and His Friends, which frankly might make for a more interesting tale. HOLY CRAP I totally forgot about the voice modification I used on myself for the lion voice. Weird. I guess it sounds kind of cool.

So I guess these are all about death and dying, huh? I wonder why I didn't just call the episode "Death Fables."

What the heck, God's voice sounds terrible in the last story. Seriously. The lion's voice was basically fine, but I made God sound like a buffoon. Blerg. I like how the King excludes half the human race from helping his daughter when he offers the reward for healing her. Also, Death is mostly cool in this story, and then ends up being a total jerk right at the end.

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