Monday, July 8, 2013

Podcast Episode 10: Hearts and Hands

Hearts and Hands, by O. Henry

This short, fun piece is by the old master of the short form, O. Henry. It's about a chance encounter between old friends on a train. O. Henry's work is all about the crazy twist ending, sometimes to a fault. At his best, in stories like this one and perhaps the well-known Gift of the Magi, he's able to make you feel some human depth and soul in his characters as he propels you toward the "gotcha" moment. Like many of my podcast episodes, I first encountered this particular piece in a high school English class, where I thankfully had a teacher who was willing to challenge his students with a broad variety of material.

Yay, it's the shortest podcast episode ever! I like the voices here. Of course, it's easy to distinguish characters when there's only three of them; here it's my regular voice, a low voice, and a slightly higher, breathier lady voice. Thank goodness I knew better than to try to use falsetto voice for women when I recorded them.  I think the music works better for this episode than it does on a lot of them; a nice, light, fun tone and pretty unintrusive.

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