Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Podcast Episode 11: Tobermory

Tobermory, by Saki

This one is also by Saki, who wrote Sredni Vashtar; the tone on this one is similarly biting and funny. It concerns a cat who is taught to speak, and then proceeds to embarrass his owner and her friends.

Ha ha! This is from my radio show; I actually read this on air. I should write a post about being on the radio sometime. I sound so different from the other podcasts; I'm clearly nervous but also apparently enjoying myself. The fact that it's on the radio live means that any mistakes I made were stuck in the recording. Maybe I should try to edit this to cut a few out; there are a lot.

Things that made me nervous while I was on the radio: worrying about making reading mistakes; the idea of broadcasting my voice, live, to other human beings, with no filter, and whatever the unimaginable consequences of screwing up might have been; and especially the constant worry someone would call the studio, which I had no great plan for addressing (occasionally in the radio recordings you will hear me just put on some music at a random point because I had to answer the phone; I think that's what the music at 10:40 and again at 11:30 or so is about) and which was never for me anyway.

Answering the phone at WHPK was always at least moderately infuriating, because the person on the phone always wanted something I couldn't give them, like a song request or contact info for a DJ I didn't know. I never really knew anyone else working at the station. The way things worked was, you came to the station, rang the bell (which flashed a light in the booth, rather than making a sound that might get on the air) and waited for the DJ to let you in. They left after their show was done, and you performed the same service for the next DJ. This process probably accounts for at least some of the random music stops in the episode.

This story would be better if I weren't reading so quickly and poorly. I did manage to make up on the spot a bunch of different weird voices for different characters that seem to work all right. I'm surprised that I didn't really try any British accents. Maybe I was worn out from reading a Sherlock Holmes story earlier, during which I found out what it is like to attempt a voice with a foreign accent for a sustained half hour or more.

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